The Annotated Sherlock Holmes (AC Doyle; Baring-Gould) [ISBN: 978-0517502914]

The Bedside Companion to Sherlock Holmes (Riley; McAllister) [ISBN: 978-0760771563]

The Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana (Tracy) [ISBN: 978-0380464906]

The Sherlock Holmes Encyclopedia (Park) [ISBN: 978-0806507644]

Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street (Baring-Gould) [ASIN: B0014YL4WY; ISBN: 978-0517038178]

Sherlock Holmes: the Man and His World (Keating) [ISBN: 978-0785821120]

Talking About Detective Fiction (PD James) [ISBN:  978-0307743138]

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