Sixth Graders and Sherlock Holmes

So, I taught a unit on mystery literature and Sherlock Holmes last spring. We talked about fanfiction and pastiche, adaptations, reimaginings, film, and the impact SH has had on pop culture. We read The Redheaded League and The Final Problem and moved on from there to Basil of Baker Street, the Granada series with Jeremy Brett, The Great Mouse Detective, and The Beekeeper’s Apprentice. We talked about the structure of a mystery story, the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Victorian society, vocabulary, and the ways in which Holmes has forever imprinted himself on the archetype of the detective. I wore a deerstalker to class.

Now, partly because I hope to be able to teach the same unit again and partly because assignments need doing, I am compiling a resource unit along those same lines. I’ve got vocabulary sheets, quizzes, exams, activities, and a long list of links and resources. If I pile it up right, it should be appropriate for more than just sixth graders.

Now, I know that resource units are of interest pretty much only to teachers, but I would like to make this thing available for download when it’s complete. It might be a good resource for Holmesians whose children’s school experience is woefully lacking.

At any rate, it ought to be up here in a few weeks at the most. I have to find fun graphics and such. 🙂