After a short sabbatical…

It wasn’t intentional, I assure you. I’ve been writing in that other place, consumed for the moment by the paranormal and all of the wonderful social and eschatological artefacts surrounding it – that is to say, finishing a rough draft while slogging through term paper season in my corner of academia.

I am still around, though, and still reading, and – shortly, at any rate – still reviewing. I’ve got a small pile of pastiche to get through during my few upcoming days of leisure, one down, and a few comments nearly ready for posting. I haven’t abandoned the blog, nor Sherlockiana. I just happen to have a few issues with time management.

I’ve also redecorated a bit. I happen to like herringbone.

2 thoughts on “After a short sabbatical…

    • Missed being around! Draft is coming along. I’ve sworn to myself that it’ll be done by the 31st, which in practical terms means some time in late July. 9_9 The term papers are mostly other people’s, sent for last-minute proof reading. All of mine are submitted!

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