Holmes Again, Holmes Again

The library has been hit! I tore through that place like the entire RAF — and came away with two volumes. Apparently, if I want to acquire the rest of the items on my list, I have to have them sent from various and sundry other locations across the county.

Anyway, I’ve got Talking about Detective Fiction (PD James) and Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street (WS Baring-Gould).

Here is the Desk: Image

It is my terrifying workspace, and it actually looks a bit better than it usually does. The fact that the surface is visible is a bit shocking. In this shot:

The Annotated Sherlock Holmes (Doyle; WS Baring-Gould)

Sherlock Holmes: The Man and his World (Keating)

Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street (WS Baring-Gould)

Talking about Detective Fiction (PD James)

The Bedside Companion to Sherlock Holmes (Ricky Macallister)
The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes (Adrian Doyle)
The Beekeeper’s Apprentice (Laurie R. King)
The Illustrated Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Doyle – on the Kindle)
Pens are good. One of those (the one on the spiral notebook) is a rather awesome Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen. They write like a dream. If you love fountain pens but can’t keep track of nice ones, Varsities are the way to go. I just started using them a couple of days ago, and I love them. They come in three packs of black, blue, and violet. The rest of the pens in the shot are nicked from hotels across the country. 
Notebooks are good. I have a lot. I think there are at least eight of various sizes on my desk right now. I’m using all of them. Yikes. 
Research in progress!

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